Hidden Faces of Reality

For thousands of years people did not have a clue that Earth is round sphere flying around the sun in the space without air. They did not know about continuing evolution of people in different places of the Earth ….

Was that hidden from them? Some mystical hand blind their eyes? Silly question – of course not. They did not sense it! No one – even today – is able to see those things just by own senses. We inherited those senses, we inherited passions for survival, family and pleasure.

Today’s reality was invisible in the past. New reality “appeared” by use of modern tools and modern minds. Global wireless internet (depend on static satellites) is very young tool for creating reality for our minds. Most of us take it as : “Now we know how it is. Now there is only question if it all can be faster, easier to search and access… No more surprises are there…”

Confusing true is: reality is still what you can sense by own senses, but even more important is to realize that “something” is causing this reality to came into existence. So – yes, there is internet, there is rounded globe flying around the sun in space without the air. BUT – what about “mining own business”, politics, money products, secret investments, government as a monopoly for decisions…. Because most of people of world now start to accept – let say – “false ideas” about reality as we begun to realize that we like to stare to TV much more then look into eyes of person, we are OK with not knowing our neighbors, not knowing what to do with politician who is not able to truly and clearly explain something or our teenage kids when they do not have clue what school to go to….

We all know that we accepted false ideology – ideology that money is “The Way” and “Democracy works” if serves purpose of making more money. And just because there are lots of different flows of money (serving “freedom”) nobody can have a control over it, and because democracy is “very tricky virtue” we accept lots of exemptions of the rule for democracy… We can say that one thing is sure – money make us happy, healthy and independent and with more we can be even more happy, healthy and independent. This “false” ideology carry lots of moral dilemmas, new laws serving to brake barriers of financial self-defense of countries and just because “it” at the end suppose-to brink some pennies to our pocket or helps to carry-on lifestyle we’ve got to used to – we accept. We accept competition over cooperation, we accept when rich people lives by different rules as poorer do. Why?

Moral problem comes when we see that somebody lives alone in huge house with pools, several new cars, and even use of illegal drugs is no problem in this case – because you guessed wright – this person have lots of money. We see “collecting” of natural resources from less developed countries – money should replace lost forests, villages, human lives, huge amount of lost animals or even drying-out land. Investors of this transaction are hidden behind the “body” of unhuman persona called “corporation”, so if comes worst to worst, “corporation” will be saying “sorry” legal way, and possibly stop to exist…BUT profit from “great” transaction will be ready for use of people not touched by dead monster they created (dissolved corporation). Usually money are ready for use in another “great investment” under new or existing corporation for further profit.

You see – we can grab only way we leave empty space, we can be selfish only way we do not care, we can be free only if freedom really means NO-RESPONSIBILITY! Only then we can enjoy life without any bad feelings or need for self-control.

We have kids. We have grand kids. We have grand grand grand grand kids – on their way…it is because our kids inherit our genes and so – they inherited senses and passions for survival, family and pleasure…. If we will be stupid and fall for false ideology, they senses will not serve them well as they will not see much natural life conditions and passions will cry-out for fairness with question “Why I was born to the world like this ??? Why? Why those billions of people pretended that it’s nothing when they knew they are going to kill us all ???”

Well it will seems that way. Now-time there are tools (and they are constantly in use) to show what we do, and what is the possible result… Only problem is that, in current – false – ideology, “freedom” does not mean to be responsible. What can you expect in this short-term profit oriented society ?

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